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  • Brake Press Safan E-80-2550 B
  • highly efficient electric servo powered Brake Press
  • max distance between brake die and brake punch 300mm
  • max distance between punch and die holder- 590mm
  • max bend strength 800kN
  • max bend length 2050mm-2500mm (depending on brake punch type)
  • programmable cnc axis: Y1, Y2, X, R.
  • Machine max speeds: Clamp and release speed 160mm/s, bending speed 20mm/s

CnC punching

  • Revolver punching press Finn-Power E5X
  • Max punch Strength 200 kN.
  • max axis range X / Y 2530 mm x 1270mm.
  • with automatic reposition X / Y 5000 mm x 1270 mm.
  • max steel sheet thickness 1.5/1.2/3mm (ST3/SS/ALU) (based on current equipment tooling gives a posibility between 0.5 upto 8mm thickness)
  • simultanious Y and X axis movement speed 108m/min.
  • max number of hits during punching 700/min.
  • max number of hits during marking 1600/min.
  • max Tool magazine rotation speed 30 / min.
  • Punching accuracy ± 0,1 mm.
  • C (tool angle) axis rotation speed 133/min.
  • max tool number in the magazine 29 (in that 6 indexable stations).
  • max tool diameter 89 mm.
  • tool exchange speed around 1-3 sec.
  • PLC components and driver TwinCAT/B&R.

Powder coating

  • Coating cabin ADAL 2 pieces
  • Special cabin for powder coating polymerization
  • Standard degreasing baths