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Mailbox SP2-WNj-6x7

Mailbox made of connected panel. Ideal for apartments commercial buildings and many others. Mailboxes are designed to be installed indoor on a wall or into a wall. SP2-6x7-s’s are accessed from the front.


Destination according to assembly:


  • between bays of enclosure,



1. 39 panel, including one triple size.

2. The finish the front of set the aluminium angle section,

3. Steel flaps.

4. Plaques frame for tenant’s  name or box number.

5. Lock with two keys.

The introduced on picture arrangement of panel is the example solution.


Panel are available in three versions of dimensions to choice:

in mm(width x height x depth)

1. SP2-WNj-D: 380 mm x 110 mm x 260 mm,

2. SP2-WNj-B: 275 mm x 110 mm x 370 mm,

3. SP2-WNj-F: 380 mm x 140 mm x 260 mm.

Introduction slot size in mm (width x height):

SP2-WNj-D i SP2-WNj-F: 330 mm x 20 mm, SP2-WNj-B: 235 mm x 20 mm.

Mailbox SP2-WNj-6x7