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Commercial Mailbox SL76-p

Mailbox are available in units with three to six compartments. That means mailbox can integrate different combinations. Mailbox SL76-p is ideal for apartments, condominiums, commercial building and many other indoor applications. They are designed to be installed on a wall or into a wall.



Doors have solid steel mail flap, opening to the inside of the mailbox. Doors perforated or have a label identifying tenant’s name or box number. Each door includes a lock with two keys. Mailboxes numbers made in screen printing


Dimensions in cm (width x height x depth):

-         mailbox 3 doors units, SL76x3: 40x29x26,

-         mailbox 4 doors units, SL76x4: 40x37x26,

-         mailbox 5 doors units, SL76x5: 40x46x26,

-         mailbox 6 doors units, SL76x6: 40x55x26,

Introduction slot size in cm (width x height): 33 x 2.

Commercial Mailbox SL76-p